Guideline for Corporate Activity

KITANO GROUP will practice realization of management philosophy through the business activities and, at the same time, will try to meet the trust given by the society and to contribute to the society's sustainable development.

Guideline for Corporate Activity of Kitano Group

The Management and the employees of Kitano Group shall:

  1. Share full understanding of the "Management Philosophy" "Management Policy" and this "Guideline for Corporate Activity", and practice them to maintain high corporate ethics.
  2. Try to maintain and improve the quality of services through proper quality control and development of cutting-edge technology with high consciousness for safety and security for privacy of customers/guests, and achieve their satisfaction and trust.
  3. Observe the laws, the spirit of the laws and social standards and meet the requirement for corporate social responsibility.
  4. Practice fair, transparent, free competition for business activities, and maintain a sound, decent relationship with the governmental, municipal authorities.
  5. Communicate with the shareholders and a broader society and meet the requirement for disclosure of corporate information properly and timely.
  6. Stand firm against the anti-social power and group that threaten the public order and safety, and keep away from any anti-social activities.
  7. Follow the international standards and the local laws for the activities across the border, respect the local culture and custom, and contribute to the development of the other parts of the world.
  8. Build a good relationship with the local society and voluntarily try to contribute to its development as a good corporate citizen.
  9. Promote eco-activities for the worldwide nature conservation, and take actions voluntarily to create a better environment.
  10. Respect the human rights and individuality and secure a safe, healthy working environment for the better quality of life of the employees and their family.
  11. Should there be any circumstance against this Guideline, the very top of the Management will proceed to solve the problem, investigate the cause and take necessary measures to prevent another problem to happen, disclose to the public with speed and accuracy, test the responsibility and execute proper punishment to those responsible, not exclusive of the top Management.